sunday school

Here at Calvary Baptist Church we believe the Sunday School Program is a vital part of spiritual growth. The children’s classes are designed to develop a relationship with God and a desire to follow Christ on each student’s grade level. Though they may be young, it is so important that young people find a heart for God at an early age so that a life for God is not a shock for them, but rather the next step for their life.

Our Teen Sunday School Program is second to none. With our team of workers, we have watched our Teen Department explode in number as well as spiritually. The teenagers meet every Sunday morning at 10am for an opening assembly of singing and announcements. Then they split up into small groups that are designed to develop each teenager into a Christian that seeks to honor and please our Lord.

Our Adult Sunday School classes are amazing! With a dynamic group of men and women we have watched God do some remarkable things through our adult ministries. These adult classes have been designed to engage friendships and establish a disciplined walk with God. A committed spiritual leader who understands that leading by example is the best way to lead any group directs each Sunday school class.

Through these classes you will discover God’s purpose for your life, be trained with biblical teachings, and urged to do more for the Lord than you ever thought possible.

We encourage you to try out our Sunday School Program. Find the class that fits you and faithfully attend. The greatest days of your life and family are ahead, and through our Sunday School Program, we believe that you will find some added spiritual strength to make your Christian life more pleasing to God.

Sunday School Class Locations

Adult Classes

Adult Bible Study, Pastor Shiflett, Main Auditorium
New Converts Class, Christopher Replogle, Lane Hall
Mining Through the Bible, Steve Snipes, Room 102
Senior Saints, Bud Hall, Room 108
Sold Out Singles, Frank and Larissa Bell, Room 208

Children’s Classes

Ages 2-3 | Emilee Plumstead and Joan Sparzak (Room 103)
Age 4 | Ella Turner, Lynn Urquhart, and Lona Jones (Room 101)
Age 5 | Shirley Payne and Ruth Smith (Room 104)
1st Grade | Amanda Holmes (Room 203)
2nd Grade | Mary Curzi and Julie Payne (Room 201)
3rd & 4th Grade | Chuck and Jen Wiley (Room 206)
5th Grade | Dawn Lynch (Room 202)
6th Grade | Bob and Judy Rolfe (Room 207)

7th – 12th Grade | Adriel and Julie Payne (Room 107)